Monday, November 8, 2010

More Crock Pot Madness

Remember my obsession with fondness of my crock pot? Look what I found: A Year of Slow Cooking. This blog is comprehensive and the author is unabashedly in love with her slow cooker (sound familiar?) Check it out!

note about my slow cooker: my b.f.f., as pictured in a past blog post, is no more. I have a new b.f.f. and I call her "lady in red." Before you judge me, no, I am not fickle. My hubs might have loaded the old crock pot with pork chops and marinade in the metal part of the cooker vs. the porcelain inner part. He might have ruined the old one for good. I might have laughed really hard and told everyone I work with about it. But most importantly, I might have the best hubs in the universe, b/c even though he might break cook wear, he helps me cook. Ever heard of anything so cool?

note about the note: To his credit, the hubs was busy that morning. I had gone to work at the crack of dawn. He was wrangling kids and crock pot duties and meeting the plumber. Hubs is a smart man with a double degree in chemistry, who like many brilliant people out there, can be adorably absent minded :)


Tales from the Crib said...

that just made me laugh out loud!

nennylee said...

I cooked my thanksgiving feast using my crock pot, in my camper! It was great! Everyone undid the button on their pants so it must have been good.