Friday, November 5, 2010


I love authenticity. I love being around people who are, who they are, who they are. What you see is what you get. They don't "change it up" depending on who they are with and where they are.

I have found that this kind of authenticity isn't always easy to find. Heck, as much as I admire authenticity, I am not always authentic. I can be the queen of editing responses, my words, my everything...based on what I think people want or expect from me.

I am SO working on this. I am trying to be concerned only about "an audience of One," and not be so concerned with popular or public opinion. Not an easy task for a chronic people pleaser. Not easy at all. But I know what waits at the other side of people-pleaser-ism is freedom, sweet freedom. And as a child of God and a beloved of Jesus, I was made for freedom.

All this to say, I am truly inspired by authenticity and I want to start using my blog to share glimpses of it that I come across in life. Whether it be a person I meet, and interview I see or hear, or in this case, a blog I stalk follow...

Meet Kendi and her amazing blog, Kendi Everyday: a funny style blog. Kendi used to babysit for my boys. She left for college, and her parents moved from Lubbock and I sort of lost touch with her. She is now a beautiful, vibrant adult who blogs about something she loves, fashion and clothes. I adore her blog because it is 100% authentically her, and she unashamedly muses about something people could balk at or dismiss. Her sense of humor, her eye for fashion and the way she bundles it all up into tight, distinctly read-able blog posts is just brilliant.


Kendi Lea said...

Mindy -- You are just precious and possibly one of the MOST authentic people I've ever met. (This list also includes one Meryl Barker). I'm glad that now we can keep up via our blogs! Hug those precious boys for me -- they've grown up so much!


Kendi Lea said...
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