Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Musings

I turned 38 a couple of weeks ago. Seems like on my past couple of birthdays I have blogged reflections from the past year. So here goes again:

I have a 10 year old. This freaks me out. There is something about that very age that isn't tiny little boy anymore. It's more like almost middle-schooler, burgeoning on teen. The thought of being a mom to a teen freaks me out even more.

When you need a new couch but can't really afford one, buying a few new frames and accessories at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, totally carries you through.

Uggs (or in my case, Airwalk knock offs) are ugly, but can't be beat for comfort and warmth.

Attitude is everything. And attitude is closely tied into perspective.

Food is mostly about smell and taste, yet television has managed to make stellar shows about food, even though you can't smell or taste a thing. Long live Top Chef and Chopped!

God truly is Provider. Since we jumped off the proverbial cliff, my husband and I are living proof if it daily.

My laugh lines are deeper and certainly reveal my age. Somedays I hate them, but everyday, I am thankful I have had a lot of reasons to smile.

One of life's greatest mysteries, at least to me, remains the fact that when Aussies and British people sing, they magically drop their accents???

We adopted a dog, and I instantly turned into one of "those people." I bore people at work with stories about Sophie (as if she were my third human child), and suddenly doggie discipline tips and special treat recipes are of paramount importance.

Pinterest had legitimately made me a better cook, thus validating it's usefulness, even if it is a time suck. Wonder if my other favorite time suck, Facebook, made me a better anything? Seriously doubtful.

In my head I sing like my friend Corie. This is enough for me.

I am so thankful for my hubs. He makes my life easier. He makes my life fun. He makes me feel like the prettiest, most special girl anywhere.

And finally...

I belong to a Redeemer. He redeems everything... from my best efforts to my worst, from my pretty to my ugly, from my winsome to my treacherous. He is in the business of redemption and I have to believe NOTHING is beyond His redemption power. Nothing.


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seminar said...
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Ann J. Dorgan said...

I prefer saying happy birthday :)

Stupid Girl and the Train Wreck said...

Wait until there 16 and your teaching them how to drive or 18 and your complaining because they can't afford there own bills.

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