Saturday, April 24, 2010

song crush #18

I was introduced to this one by some friends (so thank you). It is AMAZING, but what song by Bebo Norman isn't, right?

Click here: The Only Hope
this will take you to Google, click on the first entry to listen (play song from

Check out these lyrics...
I want a crumb, but you are a feast
I want a song, but you are a symphony
I want a star, but you're a galaxy

And I have resolved that I'm much better off
In what you have for me

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Laura Worley said...

Sooo fabulous. First verse lyrics are fab too:

I want to run
It's my nature to run
And I want to fight
It's my nature to fight
And I want to live
But you tell me to die
I have resolved that I'm much better off IN YOUR HANDS THAN MINE.

Love love love it (and you).