Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gratitude Week 3

It's that time again!

This week I am thankful to God...
-for belly laughs--the kind that make you cry and have to wipe your tears with your tshirt [:)]
-for having friends who I can be the geekiest, giggliest, most wide-open version of myself around without fearing judgement
-for the fact that music exists, and that as Chris Crow so aptly wrote: God's Love is my Song
-for my friend Kari who is fabulous and 40, and SO worth celebrating!!!!
-for baby Nathan
and finally...
-for the humility I see in others that gives me a peek of Jesus Himself

So now it's your turn. Don't be shy. What are YOU thankful for???


doughalcomb said...

I am thankful to God for Spring. I love all the change of seasons and think it is a brilliant part of His creation, but Spring has something special. Sunshine, new life in bloom, cookouts on the patio at dusk with family and friends, hockey playoffs, hope for the student who is tired of school but knows that summer is almost here, etc. I am thankful for Spring!

SimplyJenn said...

I am so thankful to God for iGoogle so I know when I missed a blog posting and can get to it easily!

I am thankful for this time of year.. the weather, the slower schedule, Hawaii, Spring Cleaning...I am so blessed!