Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gratitude Week 2

I had 8 people "participate" in my gratitude experiment last week. It was fun to have some interaction. Even better to know what my friends were thankful for in their lives.

Let's try this again. Let me know what you are thanking God for this week!

As for me...
I am thankful:
~for the rain, and that it finally stopped
~that its so fun to have a college football team in town
~for the access I have to my Savior every minute
~for Luke and Blake's belly laughs
~for baby Cate coming safely into the world and that Nathan is on his way!
~for Laura's bday...the world is a better place with her in it

Now it's your turn...


Mimi said...

For all the wonderful kids that my kids know, and for all the parents that are working hard on this journey with us.

Doug Halcomb said...

I am grateful for my wife.
I am grateful for playoff hockey.
I am grateful for my wife who puts up with playoff hockey.
I am also grateful that playoff hockey means more to me than just sports entertainment. It means that every week my team stays alive in the playoffs is another week of opportunity to invest in their lives through chapels.
(I am still grateful for my friend Mindy)

Linda Grice said...

I am thankful that the rain stopped!
That Hannah has finally bought a Cricket and I told have to hear about that any more.
That Daniel's father is doing much better.
That I find a note that my husband wrote me in 2005 and showed it to him to remind him of our special love.

SimplyJenn said...

I am thankful for my husband and for the fact that he's willing to give up some play off hockey when I can no longer put up with it.

ok, seriously- this was a great week of looking at the "up" side of my travel. I am thankful for the beautiful places God is showing me and how he speaks to me there. I am thankful for God's word and the passion he is giving me for it these days. I am ultimately just thankful that He IS.

AmyH said...

-I am thankful for Mindy who let's me stalk her her blog and stay caught up on her life even though I never get to see her
-Thankful for a Savior who loves me unconditionally even though I sometimes feel I don't deserve it.
-My kids who still think I'm a rock star!!
- Also thankful for college football,so my husband actually enjoys our nights out rather than being tortured by a "chick flick"
-I am thankful for bite size frozen milky ways
-for Sheridans frozen custard
(I do think about more than food I promise)

Ali said...

for my family, our health and our happiness.

Laura Worley said...

For the unconditional, redeeming, awe-inspiring love of my Savior, and for his continued pursuit of me, especially when I deserve it least.
For the past 5 months of learning what the Body of Christ is truly about.
For the amazing creativity and beautiful spirit God has given my friend Mindy.
For the fact that it is almost summer, and it will be time to go swimming. I like swimming.
For cupcakes.
For the friends God has placed in my life, who allow me to be not only a part of their lives, but a part of the lives of their children.
For things that are purple. I like things that are purple.
For my family.
For music, and for the fact that there is a wonderful thing in the world called iTunes, which makes enjoying music all the more awesome.
For words, and for how one can rearrange the letters in them and make other words, because that’s fun.

Love you, Mindy – you’re blog is beautiful and creative and fabulous, just like you are.

The Stevens Family said...

I am grateful for the ability to choose to work or stay home, even if I am still unsure of which direction to go; not all moms have a choice.
I am grateful for a hardworking, loving, funny husband.
I am grateful for loving funny children.
I am grateful for regaining friendships I thought were lost. :o)
Luv Ya!
Lisa T