Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gratitude Week 1

I am trying a little experiment here. Work with me if you will.

I believe the big picture of each day is composed of tiny pixels, that if we look closely enough are actually God's presence and fingerprints. He is all over everything, but I am personally too busy a lot of times to notice. I also believe the key to seeing Him there is the act of gratitude. The act of expressing thanks for things big and small. As we become grateful, we can zero in on those pixels and see our God everywhere!

So here's the experiment: I am going to do a weekly gratitude post. Your part? Tell me what you are thankful for in the comments section below.

I know many of you read this...I can tell because my counter number goes up when I post. But not so many of you comment, which is fine (blog stalkers!!!). What would be so cool about you posting on this one? We could be thankful for what he's done in each other's lives together!

What you are thankful for can be big or small, "spiritual" or mundane. It doesn't matter what it is, what matters is Who are thankful to...

I'll go first...

Gratitude Week 1:
I am thankful to my Maker...
1. that Mark found the rotted dead rat in the shed and not me.
2. that my hubs sent me flowers and made me feel so loved
3. that my work friends called to see how Blake's labs turned out
4. that Blake's labs were normal and he has a gigantor tonsil for apparently no reason
5. for my iPod and the music on my "so worshipful" playlist
6. that Luke came up with his own idea for a Sunday service :), and it was creative and awesome
7. that Jesus meets me exactly where I'm at
8. for two babies on the way in the next 9 days!
9. that my part is to respond to Christ's love
10. a lazy Saturday with no big agenda
11. for family date night last night...awesome movie and Pei Wei!!!!

Okay friends. What are you thankful for today, this week, lately...


MomDaughterSisterFriend said...

First week.
I am grateful:
that I have a coworker and friend that who inspires me to look for my God in my daily life.
That Jesus answered my prayers to not fret while Colt was in Houston.
That while Colt was away, Hannah and I got to enjoy a girls day with shopping and talking.
That Alex's mother is so happy in her new home at RaiderRanch.

joyfulalways said...

I am thankful for a "roomie" who walks with God, puts up with my deplorable workspace, and in spite of her off the charts cute quotient is as sweet and geniune a gal, as you will ever meet.

Love you Mindy!

SupaMom said...

I am thankful that no matter how much I don't "notice" God, He is always willing to show Himself if I let Him!
I am also thankful for my crazy rambunctious boys who teach me to live life to the full every day!
Great blog Mindy!

Anonymous said...

thankful for masters sunday

mindyrn said...

thx friends for taking part. i love it!

Doug Halcomb said...

Mindy, I am very thankful for you. Seriously. You are someone I respect so very much and always love being around you and your family. I am thankful that God blessed me with the privilege to know and be known by the Porters. (and I am thankful that I get to be a blog stalker on your blog. I will continue to do so until you file a blog restraining order against me)

Anonymous said...

for my wife's awesome blog
for my 8 year olds toothless smile
for my 6 year olds trouble with the letter 'r'
for Trident gum...
for hot coffee and quiet mornings
for our backporch...
for my God's awesome, unfailing, pursuing love
for being married to my best friend

Mimi said...

I am grateful for all the friends who have made Lubbock become home!
I am grateful for every glorious morning.

"Quotes Girl" said...

I am grateful for:
Belly laughs with my girlfriends.
God's amazing grace.
My children's ability to humble me quite quickly.
Second chances..sometimes even 3rds and 4ths.
God's sense of humor.
Coca Cola :)