Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Parenting is Like a Communicable Disease

Yesterday my 6 year old asked me what our soul is. The question surprised me and I said a quick prayer as I attempted to explain the concept to him. After my explanation was given, he said, "Ok," and strolled into the other room, while singing, "I got soul but I'm not a soldier...."


So his question had more to do with a song by The Killers (track 6 on my "feel good" iPod playlist) than it did with a more spiritual implication.

So that was pretty funny (and yes, I know The Killers isn't the best musical choice for the 6 and under crowd...Raffi they aren't), but it got me thinking about something that I know to be true.

How much of parenting is caught, not taught? How much do our kiddos learn from us not by what we say and teach, but by what they see, hear, or observe???

Just as Blake's little ears picked up a catchy refrain from a song he'd heard me play on the iPod. What else are my kids picking up on by watching my attitude, seeing what choices I make, noticing what I do with my time, seeing how I react to what life throws my way?

The big question is what will my kids catch from me?

(And the bigger takeaway?

...I really need Jesus!)


Anonymous said...

the real question... what else is on the 'feel good' playlist?

mindyrn said...

what else is on that playlist? lot of Jason Mraz and plenty of (and don't make fun of me) Taylor Swift...I love her!!!!