Friday, April 9, 2010

Love Letter

I am one of these lucky girls who has a hubs that likes to send me "for-no-special-reason" flowers. They are always beautiful, usually a spring mix with my favorite gerber daisies. But if I'm being honest, my favorite part about the flowers is the little card that comes with it. Mark always goes to the flower shop and hand writes me a note. It is with pure excitement that I open the little envelope, just dying to see what he's written this time. I treasure these notes, I memorize Mark's words, and they leave me flying high all day long.

Last night, a dear friend reminded me that God's Word is His love letter to the World, to His Church, to me.

This got me thinking about how I approach my time in God's Word...

Do I dive into His Word with anticipation? Do I treasure His love note to me? Do I ponder it and store it my heart all day long? Does the message of Love between the front and back covers give me wings?

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