Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Beautiful Paradox

The One who I have given my life to---my Jesus, is a beautiful paradox 

...He's a wounded savior.  A gentle warrior.  A servant king.  

He came in a way no one expected...Maker of the universe wrapped in the flesh of a newborn.  

He came to seek and save the lost; wanting all to come as they are, rather than pristine and perfect, tied up nice and neat with a bow. 

He broke bread with the scourge of society (who were really just you and me), not with the pious or those appearing righteous.

He preached a message that went against the norm--love those who hate you;  turn the other cheek, when you are weak that is when you are strong.

He died a convicted criminal's death, yet he was perfect, sinless, flawless.  

And ultimately, my Jesus showed people that way to gain your life is to lose it.

And to complete the paradox and bring it full circle...When it comes to my Savior, I don't have to earn my keep or perform my way into his favor.  It's not about how hard I try or how good I can be.  Because my Jesus paid my way on my behalf, and contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as a free ride. 

a beautiful paradox indeed. 



Anonymous said...

mary g

The Stevens Family said...

love it! love u!