Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kris Rocks my World

Kris Allen wins American Idol.  

Music to my ears.  I ADORE this kid (and yes someone who is 23 is, sadly, a kid to me).  His music is right up my alley, he's winsomely humble and I find him to be a very smart musician...typically knowing what arrangements to do and what works for his voice and capabilities (unless, say, they force him to sing a certain song written by judge #2 that was out of his range and that should have been lowered a key but mysteriously wasn't...oh well, I digress)

So when he was announced as the winner tonight, I literally screamed (while silently wondering if my 12 votes might have made all the difference).

I have nothing against Adam Lambert (though I am not a big fan of "manliner," and I don't necessarily like that his haircut is eerily similar to mine).  But he felt a little "one note" to my ears...sounding pretty much the same on every song.  With that said, he is UBER-TALENTED and none of us are the slightest bit worried that he will get signed and have his own album out by next year. 

I don't want to get all told you so about it, but I was so sick of the judges fawning over Adam.  They had him pegged to win and their complements toward Kris always felt condescending...sort of like, "Aw.  That was good for you, Kris."  

So way to represent Kris, on behalf of all of us fellow underdogs out there.  And hopefully I'll see you this summer if I can scheme a way to nab American Idol Summer Tour tickets...a girl can dream, right? 

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Amy said...

I love that you blogged about this--we prettymuch share a brain on the subject:) The show so OBVIOUSLY wanted Adam to win. They did the same thing last year with David Archuletta. You would think they would begin to understand that blatantly favoring a contestant backfires every time. At any rate, Kris makes music I will actually buy, and I think he's a great guy. Soooooo excited that he won!!!