Friday, January 16, 2009

If only I Had Eyes to See

I'm reading a book by Ken Gire (by far my favorite author on the planet...speaks to my heart and mind like no one else) and something he said got me thinking...  He was talking about the events of Christ's birth and among many aspects of it that the Magi came to Christ because, "a magnificent star shone in the sky to mark his birthplace---but only three foreigners bothered to look up and follow it."

Certainly, the Magi were astronomers and knew that the star they saw in the Eastern sky was different and special.  Certainly too the Holy Spirit likely prepared them to notice it and to be compelled to follow it.  But I find myself wondering...could anyone have looked up and seen the special star and followed it to where Christ was?  Only God knows the answer really.  But what I take away from this question is another question:

What "stars" that point to Jesus have been there for me to simply look up and see, that I simply didn't bother to look up and see???

How many people, situations, circumstances have come my way from God Himself, that He wanted to use to show me Christ Himself, that I just didn't notice?  It's a staggering question and an inspiring one too.  

I know God is in the everyday and ordinary.  In fact, the God of the Universe chooses to be intimately acquainted with my (self proclaimed) mundane existence.  Not only this, Scripture tells me He absolutely delights in it. 

 Hmmm....what would life be like for me if I embraced this truth with arms and heart wide open???  

I pray for eyes that really see, ears that really hear, and a heart that truly seeks.  I pray to understand that no matter where I am I stand on Holy ground because he's in me and with me.  

And most importantly, I pray to never forget that my all access pass came at a price so great, my mind will never be able to wrap itself around it.

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