Sunday, January 11, 2009


nothing is quite as relaxing as a dimly lit room and me alone with my thoughts, a pen and some paper

nothing has ever looked quite as graceful as the very first steps of a determined tiny toddler

nothing feels so right as knowing someone you love is truly happy, and actually seeing it in their eyes

nothing brings quite the clarity to life as coming to understand that happiness is not where you are, or what you're doing, but rather who you are with and Who you serve

nothing comes close to the beauty of a man's calloused left hand adorned with a simple gold band

nothing is more affirming than knowing that someone hears the true cry of your heart even through the jumbled mess of words you used trying to express it

nothing brings home the concept of grace like making the same old mistake yet again, and yet again finding you haven't tapped out His supply of love

nothing comes so near total contentment than the very instant when your laughter begins to hurt and then becomes inaudible

nothing endears the very heart of you like having someone remember an unimportant detail about you that you don't even recall disclosing

nothing creates quite the sense of excitement as waiting and watching someone open a gift you bought them, not because you had to, but because you finally really know that joy is in the giving

and nothing can humble you the way God does when He patiently stands by as you wander many a fruitless journey, only to realize that what you're looking for is not to be found, but rather to simply be noticed right before you...
mnp 2009

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