Saturday, November 5, 2011


I finally caved and joined Pinterest (after I requested an invitation to join which was a little weird). I figured it would be yet another time suck (i.e. FB) but I went for it anyway. And yes, it is a time suck, but there is a value to it as well. Having been a "member" for about a week, I have already made 3 recipes I found while pinning, and executed a craft project.

The recipe thing is especially helpful to me. As a person that is creative (I refuse to call myself "a Creative"...that bugs), for some reason all vibes of creative energy magically shut down the minute I enter a room containing a stove, oven and pantry. It's almost paralyzing. Cooking is my achilles heel and I welcome all and any help in this area. Enter Pinterest and its array of recipes.

As for the crafty stuff. There is the cutest/most helpful ideas. I just need to be careful to not get wrapped up in so many of those ideas that it translates into ???.

Here's one I did that cost me almost nothing:
I used a cookie sheet I had, placed magnetic strip on my
makeup and you have an instant organizer! P.S. cute bow absolutely NOT necessary. lol

So here's my take on Pinterest. I think besides the obvious fact that is it an amazing way to organize precious gems you find on the Internet...I think it's wild popularity also goes back to the simple fact that we all like to be known. I believe to be known is one of a person's deepest desires and needs, whether we be a super outgoing person, or someone that prefers a lot of alone/down time. I also believe we like to express to others what's on our insides. Some of us use words to do that. Others create visual art. I guess the ways we do that are endless, really. And Pinterest makes that expression quite easy.

So check it out. And if you need an invitation to join, just comment below with your email and I will invite you, and send you one of these ;).
If the concept of Pinterest makes no sense to you, don't worry. We all feel that way in the beginning. Go here to get the complete scoop.

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ME ME ME. PLease invite me!