Saturday, October 29, 2011


So since I last posted, my husband left the marketplace and went into full time ministry. I shared some thoughts about becoming a pastor's wife in August. I am happy to report that I can still claim the same freedom I spoke of in that post. Things have been good, really good. And more than good, the past weeks have been affirming...which is very comforting when your life changes so drastically.

First, I am convinced my hubs was made to do what he is doing. He has always been good--competent--at what he does, but for the first time in our almost 13 year marriage, there is joy there. A spring in his step. A purpose in his gait. As his wife, that is something SO special to see and experience.

Second, our little family has been provided for in ways that can only be explained as supernatural. We knew our lifestyle would be altered with this job change. I was honestly pretty nervous about it and I might have gone a little vigilant and off the charts in terms of preparing for the change. But we have been more than provided for. Our needs are more than met. And as our amazing God, who I believe not only loves us but likes us too, would have it, there are little cherries on top constantly coming our way. Things we absolutely don't need, but that make life sweet. (i.e. gift cards to restaurants just magically and anonymously show up in our mail. Including one to Pei Wei...which is I believe is the 6th love language)

So I find myself tearful a lot lately. They are tears of joy. I am humbled by what we've experienced so far. It's pretty stinking cool to get to know God in a way I really haven't.

So there's an update after my unintentional hiatus. I intend to start blogging more regularly again. Heck, I've never had more to blog about. :)

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