Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Song, er, Group Crush Fulfilled

Last month I shared this with you...my group crush on Green River Ordinance. I adore their music. Love pretty much every song.

Well, I got word that they would be playing a free concert in Fort Worth, to kick off Christ Chapel's ArtReach weekend. The practical side of me was like, "Well shoot, wish we weren't so busy. Wish I hadn't just traveled to Dallas last weekend. It just doesn't make sense to go there again. What will we do with the boys? It's too hard to figure out the logistics... Blah, blah, blah."

But the fact that my favorite band would be so near, playing a FREE concert in a very intimate setting, sort of haunted me. I wrestled with it for a few days and then I finally pulled the trigger in a so not Mindy-esque kind of way.

With the kid's childcare pieced together, Mark and I loaded up in the Impala and took off to Fort Worth for a 24 hour adventure.

Our adventure included an amazing concert. GRO kicks it live! They are skilled musicians, great showmen and their vocal harmonies...*sigh*. Plus, we got to hear the story behind several songs they've written. I love that. It's like reading someone else's mail.

Then we had dinner with beloved friends.
(the obligatory "everyone squeeze in," big face picture)

Finally, we fell into our ridiculously hard hotel bed exhausted (I am pretty sure our mattress was part of the Stonehenge Extension campus) and awoke the next day ready to book it back to the Hub City.

Were we exhausted? Absolutely. Did the cement slab mattress kill our backs (and thus remind us of our age)? Yep.

Do I regret a minute of it? Never!

and just for your enjoyment...

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