Sunday, December 12, 2010

that day

I am noticing this weird consistency in my life. As things get busier this holiday season, I find I am unknowingly embracing, what Loverboy might coin an "Everybody's working for the weekend," mentality. But instead of working for the weekend, I am working for/living for that day...the day on which I will finally be off work and the busyness will slow down.

So as I wait for that day to come, I am going and blowing through my life paying no mind to really living my hours. It's like I am operating in this robotic mode where if I can only get through the next 12 days, then and only then will I sit back, take it in, and enjoy my hours.

I am sort of sickened and totally ashamed of my approach. The question is, what am I missing as I wait for that day? What sweet moments simply pass me by in my quest toward that day? Where has Jesus shown up, and I didn't take notice, because that day beckons me? Has my forward motion toward that day robbed me of those contemplative moments that transform?


Wish I could say this is the first time that day has so enraptured me. Wish I could say it would be the last...

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I'm giving Shout Outs today on my page with links to their blogs to anyone who follows!

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