Friday, December 3, 2010

Frequently Bought Together

It has been a heavy week, so when I came across some good belly laugh material, I was thankful (you know how I love a belly laugh...which is bascially a cackle if you are me).

Check this out

Exhibit A: To prove this is legitimate, here is my screen cap... It's selling reusable adult diapers (and before you judge me, NO, I am not making fun of adult diapers. Give this nurse some credit). To see what I AM making fun of, see Exhibit B.

Exhibit B: My screen cap blown up...

I kid you not.

Perhaps even funnier is the customer comments section. "This thing is amazing! bought it with a copy of Call Of Duty and got a great deal. Arrived very quick and was easy to fit. Now the call of nature doesn't interrupt the call of duty. No longer will i have to decide between a kill streak or a brown streak."

By the way, this post is honor of my hubs and his best friend Doug. Guys, PLEASE don't get any ideas...


Doug Halcomb said...

Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious! Thanks Mindy!

Beth said...

Ok, Mindy...please don't share that with Jacob or the other Suddenlink guys as well. :) Beth Lopez