Friday, February 26, 2010

Wisdom of Dogs?

I spent a sick day at home last Tuesday hunkered down in my living room, which gave me an all access view (out a large bay of windows) to Coco...our overweight supercute weiner dog. She spent the entire day looking for the sun.

I'd look out and our backyard would be completely shaded, expect for maybe a 2ft X 2 ft patch of sunlight. Sure enough, Coco would be in that patch "basking" in the warmth. The patch moved as the day progressed, and Coco moved with it everytime. She did this all day. A picture of persistence.

Is she smart? If you know her, the answer is a resounding no. (This is the same dog who drags out all of her blankets and runs around the yard with them like a rhythmic gymnast, getting them wet and gross so she has no dry blankets when she needs them.)

Was finding the sunny patch instinctual. My guess is yes.

So this begs the question (at least to me)... Is finding the Son, basking in His light, instinctual for me?

I know Jesus is light, and His light shines through the darkness. And not in just a 2 X 2 patch either. But I'm wondering if I always choose to bask in his light?

What am I putting into my mind through what I listen to and look at? How am I ordering my steps? How often do I stop and just listen to my Savior? Am I seeking his guidance in decisions, big and small?

And is the sum of all these daily, and even moment by moment choices, the equivalent of finding the light and spending my day in that light, no matter what adjustments I must make to remain there?

Do I have the persistence of my uber-awesome wiener dog?

The answer, honestly...sometimes.

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Kari said...

Love you Mindy Porter. :0)