Tuesday, October 13, 2009

top 6 of U2 concert

So after work Monday I hopped a plane, flew to Dallas, and found myself at the U2 concert that night, a bit bleary eyed, and most definitely wide-eyed. The experience was COMPLETE awesomeness, simply because U2 is complete awesomeness in general. But I've also compiled my top 6 other reasons why the night rocked my world(in no particular order):

1) I got to see the inside of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. One word: HUGE. Another word: ginormous. I can now say that I know what 100,000 people in one space, breathing the same air, officially looks like.
2) I bought cool concert T-shirts for me and the hubs. I've never owned one before, and I will probably be too old to rock mine for too much longer...but the coolest part is that I will bequeath mine to my boys someday, and they will have the COOLEST vintage concert tee ever!

3) When buying said concert tees, I watched my friend Jen get shoved out of the way, by a super rude, incorrigible lady. It was one of those seriously? and really? kind of moments. BUT as Jen and I steeped in our indignant righteousness, it's like God quietly reminded me of a quote by Bill Hybels: you'll never lock eyes with someone who doesn't deeply matter to God. And to God, I was all seriously? and really?. And it's like He said, "yep." So I whispered the quote to Jen, and we were both humbled, and then we saw rude, incorrigible lady with new eyes. So there's your proof...God is at rock concerts :)

4) I was one of those girls. Jen and I stood for most of the concert, whilst those behind us sat (until they were forced to stand b/c of those girls, AKA Jen and Mindy.) But seriously, please explain to me how ANYONE sits still when they hear the opening chords of "Where the Streets Have No Name," or "Mysterious Ways," or "Vertigo?" Plus, if you want to sit, go to a movie or a play, and NOT a concert, right?

5) Bono sang "Amazing Grace." And it was a worshipful moment. Certainly didn't expect to feel moved that way in a setting or venue such as that, but I was...

and finally 6) I got to do #1-5 with two of my best friends, who know me well and love me anyway. Thanks Jen and Doug.
And P.S. Doug....loved the way you proudly donned the Bono sunglasses all night. Only you could pull that off!

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SimplyJenn said...

I had such a great time!!! And you're right- WHO SITS during a concert?! Come on people!! :)