Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been thinking about something lately.  There are a large amount of adults out there that don't get the concept of "you reap what you sew."  Or some may call it karma.  My mom used to say, "what comes around goes around."  It's the idea that everything we do has a consequence.  Every action produces a ripple.  We simply don't live in a vacuum, and no matter what, out choices will affect someone else.  

Yet it seems like the goal sometimes is to escape the consequences.  To stick our heads in the sand and simply not look at the ripple effect we've set into motion.

As I parent, there is an innate drive in me to protect my little guys like the proverbial momma bear.  But I must be mindful in that posture of protection, not to allow my little ones to avoid the consequences of what they do.  I can't go in and be the "fixer."  I can't barge in and "make something just go away."  Certainly, as they are 5 and 7, they don't face very staggering consequences, but how will I act when they are teens and something they do threatens our family reputation...happens in a very public eye, or ends up tarnishing the dreaded (and almost urban mythical) permanent record?  Will I be able to step back and let the reaping occur???

I think the best thing I could do for my kids is to let them live in their choices and in the subsequent consequence.  But it doesn't end there for me.  The next step, the most important step, is to point them to their God, who is perfectly just, AND perfectly loving.  

He loves us through our mistakes.  He restores us in our mistakes.  And he never wastes our mistakes...

What I know, because I've had some practice, is that in those times I've made dumb, destructive choices...he gently, lovingly humbles me to repentance.  He moves me to learn something I've otherwise wouldn't have, and then he uses me in someone else's life in some form or fashion.  And in the end, I know my God in a better, more intimate way, and a new facet of Him is revealed to me.

Why would I ever want my kids to miss out on something like that???


Ali said...

well said. (i feel like i should just make this a standing comment for your blog ;)

amy said...

LOVE this post. Helicopter parenting is all the rage...and you are exactly right, it is helping no one. (It's hard, though--right?!?!) Love me some God's wisdom and some God's grace!!

Stacey said...

Ditto,ditto, ditto. Very well written and I fully agree. Good stuff, girl!

KT said...

love this.
(your blog needs a "thumbs up" button like Facebook! lol)

SimplyJenn said...

I finally figured out how to comment on your blog! I loved this post!