Thursday, July 9, 2009

retro song crush

Who can resist some good Pat Benatar?  Her voice is AMAZING.  The video I've posted is actually from this month.  The woman still has it!  

I LOVE this song and always have.  Very fond memories of singing my heart out to it as a young girl in my room, and feeling it deep.  Then there's the memory of actually performing it with my good friend Ashley in High School...our harmonies rocked, we were in the zone and again, we felt it deep :).  

If only I could get a hold of my friend Lisa's jumpsuit from the '80's (you know the one), I could totally channel Pat today.  Afterall, I've totally got the hair for it.  Maybe another time and another post?

So enjoy and never forget...we belong to the light, we belong to the sound of the thunder...whatever that actually means.

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KT said...

and, she totally has her 'guns up' in the beginning of the clip....