Monday, July 20, 2009

childlike faith

my son luke got baptized this weekend.  it was something he thought long and hard about and something he felt compelled to do, so that (in his own words)..."others will know Jesus is in my heart and that he died on the Cross for my sins and rose 3 days later."

obviously, i am super proud of him, and also quite thankful that i get to see faith---something i can so easily complicate---through the eyes of a child.


Stacey said...

This is so precious and so so exciting! What a wonderful picture too. Thanks for sharing such a special time for your family! I enjoyed visting with you at the baseball game so much.

Douglass Halcomb said...

I am so proud of Luke Douglass...and so proud of you and Mark for being such godly parents with the 2 boys God has given you. God is using you both.
I am thrilled about Luke's baptism and what God is doing in his heart. Awesome!

Aunt Merryl (aka MeMe) said...

Mindy...I can't think of anything better to experience with your kids! Luke's poem made me cry...if only I could think of Christ so simply instead of making it so complicated as you say. You and Mark are amazing parents...I loved seeing the pictures of Mark baptizing Luke and you reading his testimony. Such a precious time in the life of your family! Thanks for sharing with us!