Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I'm Asking Myself Lately

Am I really loving those around me well; including but not limited to: my hubs, my kids, my friends, my God?

Do I spend more time in virtual relationships (FB, email, texting) than I do face to face and heart to heart?

Am I more acquainted with People Magazine's headline story than I am with His story?

Do I really pray like I should...conversationally, without ceasing, with faith?

Am I simply going through the motions in this life, reduced to just getting by, verses literally sucking the life out of my moments?

Do I live in a posture of gratitude, or am I "glass half-emptying" myself to death?

Just some things that me go hmm?


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KT said...

...and, I needed to read this, too. Thanks, once more. :) KT