Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Defense of Lubbock

In my experience, when it comes ot Lubbock, TX there are 4 kinds of people....
#1  the Lifers
they were born and rasied in the Hub and will die in the Hub.  They bleed West Texas and are proud of it.

#2  the Born Agains
they grew up in Lubbock or came here for college and COULD NOT WAIT to see Lubbock in their rear view mirror.  Then inexplicably, years later they end up back in the Hub to raise their family and they become Lifers themselves.

#3  the Transplants
they have moved to Lubbock because of a job opportunity or something of the sort.  They aren't impressed with the terrain, but find themselves drawn in by West Texas hospitality and have been known to adopt the conjunction "yall" in everyday conversation.

#4 the Haters
they grew up in Lubbock, left at the first possible opportunity and have never looked back.  They now speak of Lubbock as if it is the bane of their existence, evil incarnate, the ebola get the point.

This blog is for the haters.  I have found some anti-Lubbock sentiment lately on Facebook and I feel utterly compelled to defend my fair city.  This is not a soapbox, and I don't intend to stir the pot.  This is but a gentle reminder of what makes Lubbock great.  Dig deep Haters, this may just help you remember some Hub City finer, maybe.

1.  Sure...Lubbock is flat and brown for a lot of the year, but where else can you take in an unobscured sunset that encompasses purple, pink, red, coral and gold all at the same time.  A sunset that can literally bring you to tears and confirm to you if you ever doubted it, that there is a God.

2.  Yes, Lubbock is dry, arid, Sahara-esque at times, but you can't deny what happens once the sun goes down.  It is a phenomenon; something almost magical...Lubbock summer nights are hands down perfect.  You can sit on your porch for hours in a climate that isn't too hot, too cool, too dry or too sticky.  Simply perfection. 

3.   It the biggest small town you'll ever visit.  I run into somebody I know almost daily.  I don't feel anonymous.  It's nice to be known (even when running into an old friend while wearing sweats and zero makeup).  Which brings me to the my next point...

4.  For the most part, Lubbock is not pretentious.  It's mostly just a bunch of regular people  working hard and living the dream, if you will.  This is a good thing, b/c I don't do pretentious.

5.  Texas Tech.  It is a blast to live in a college town.  There is a palpable buzz in the city when Tech is in session and I love it!  It keeps me young and "in tune."  Plus it gives us a sports team to follow and support (can I get a shout out for our huge double T yard flag?).  

6.  The cost of living is insanely low.  I talk to friends who paid the same for a 600 sq. ft. one bedroom flat with a "kitchenette," as we pay for a spacious 3/2/2 with a large backyard.

7.  Lubbock has 2 Targets, Pei Wei, a Gap, too many Sonics to count, Ulta, Forever 21 and several Starbucks.  I'm pretty much set.  And because we have an Academy, Best Buy, Heroes and Legacies and Chuck-e-Cheese my husband and kids are set too.

8.  No offense Dallas...but there is something about the pace of the metroplex and big cities in general that makes me feel like I should be going and blowing (and spending).  There is a slower pace in the air of Lubbock which helps me to simplify.  To paint a Mindy a big city=amphetamine;  Lubbock=sedative  (and that's how I like it).

and finally to the most important thing...something 35 years of being a Lubbockite has proven to me over and over again...  Something I don't think anyone can really contest, even those who see Lubbock as their mortal enemy...

9.  You'll never meet better people.  Lubbockites are kind and generous.  They are "willing to stop and help you if you have a flat" kind of people.  They'll make eye contact with you when you pass by and most often smile at you just because.  

So, there's the highlights.  To me there is more to this city than tumbleweeds, windmills and flatness.  There's a whole lot more actually.  

and remember, Mac Davis thought happiness was Lubbock, Texas in his rear view mirror; by the end of the song he changed his mind...




Michael Walling said...

It took me awhile to find this again. I remember you posting it awhile ago, and I wanted to re-read it again. Coming to Lubbock for business this year has really made me miss living there. If there is a way for my family and I to get back there we would. You should repost it again.
Thanks for this

Lenna Matukewicz said...

I LOVE LUBBOCK!!!! Amen, Mindy!