Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Have A Few Questions

I will admit I watched the Oscars last Sunday, largely because in all my girly-girlness, I LOVE the red carpet arrivals.  Who doesn't love beautiful dresses, dapper tuxes and mind blowing bling?  Okay, maybe I should rephrase that ...what female doesn't love beautiful dresses, dapper tuxes and mind boggling bling?

I watched E! News for the arrivals and this year  I actually tuned in for  the ceremony too.  Largely because I had to see how Hugh Jackman handled hosting...one word---awesomeness.  And, I'll just say it... I was also dying to see how "Zanessa" would be incorporated into the show (which I am sad to say was not that successfully; though I am happy to report that for once Zac Efron wore less makeup than his girlfriend).  Finally I had to watch to check out my favorite fictional teenage vampire's presenting skills...Edward, er, I mean Robert did a fine job.

Anywhoo, while camped out in front of my T.V., several questions were raised in my mind over the course of the evening...

1.  Why did Miley Cyrus (in a red carpet interview) when asked about her next movie, say something about it being a really special film and that hopefully this time next year she'd be there to pick up a few awards of her own?  At first I was sure I didn't hear her right.  But thanks to Tivo's rewind function,  I know I did.  Let's give her the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe these awards she was referencing had to do with the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice and not the Academy Awards, but I don't think so... and the Oscar for best art direction goes to "Hanna Montana's Wheels Off Spring Break."

2.  Another red carpet interview piqued my interest to say the least.  Vanessa Hudgeons spoke of her gown, saying that she chose it because she "looks like a young Audrey Hepburn in it."  At first I was speechless, then...OH NO YOU DIDN'T!  A girl NEVER just announces that she looks like Audrey Hepburn.  Someone else can say that about you, but one never, I repeat never makes a self proclamation of that magnitude.  Maybe the whole HSM craze has gone to her head?  Or maybe she's been hanging out with Miley and they braid each other's hair while giving one other permission to have grandiose self-opinions and inflated egos?

3. Lisa Rinna (see above)...ouch and what happened?  A normally very pretty lady has been turned into a plastic blow up doll and that doll floated down the red carpet Sunday nite.  I have two things to say to Lisa and her plastic surgeon/stylist team...first, a "little goes a long way" and two, stick to a mantra I learned in junior high---"just say no."

4.  Did Sean Penn really forget to thank his wife during his acceptance speech?  Could he really not see her several feet in front of him, balling her eyes out in admiration of him???  For me it was a cringe worthy moment, and though I don't really like him, I was (once again) yelling at my T.V. and trying to help him out right up until the cut off music played, "Sean!  Don't forget to mention Robin. You know the one.  She's sitting there in the fourth row right where you were until 2 minutes ago.  She's the one you are married to!"  He never heard me.

5.  finally, who else absolutely loved Kate Winslett's acceptance speech?  She was visibly shaken and seemed genuinely surprised to have won (of course, she did just get recognized as best actress...and feigning surprise is probably basic "Acting 101?").  hmmm?  Anyway, the best part of her speech was when she actually wondered out loud where her parents were sitting within Kodak theater, and her father did the uber-loud whistle thing where you put your fingers in the corners of your mouth and blow.  Anyway, because of said whistle she located her parents and waved in their general direction!  It was adorable and very down to earth, just like Kate (or Katie as I would call her if we were friends, which we could be if she lived closer, because she is so very down to earth).

All in all, it was a good show and yes, I will tune in again next year to check out the dresses and bling and perhaps to even see how many Oscars Miley nabs...


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