Saturday, January 31, 2009

Money Jar Repentance

My youngest son, a free-spirited life-loving little imp, can be quite defiant.  It just goes with the package.  And today his rebellion quotient was high.  Everything his mommy asked him to do was merely a suggestion to him.  His final act of disobedience about did me in, b/c on a different day he could have easily been run over by a car as a result of not listening to me.

So he and I had a little talk about it, which resulted in very dramatic, bring the house down tears (this is not unusual for Blake...he does everything full-throttle).  After I calmed him down he left the room and I went on about my business of getting the boys' bath ready.  He reappears several minutes later with his money jar tucked in the crook of his arm, and a crisp one dollar bill in his hand.  His big green eyes are pooling with tears and he says in a very shaky voice, "Mom, this if for you."

Taken aback, I swallow the lump that has formed in my throat and I tell Blake I could never take his money and he should keep it.  He shoves the bill at me again and insists I take it.  My husband who is observing the exchange, thankfully jumps in and tells Blake we should give that dollar to God tomorrow at church.  Long story short, we all agree this is the best and perfect idea.  I hug my little guy tightly and tell him he is one of the sweetest people I know and that I already forgave him earlier, dollar bill or not.

It was a precious moment and what I got to see in it, I will ever treasure.  What I saw in my little boy was a repentant heart.  He was truly grieved for having been disobedient and wanted to give me his only dollar as an outward sign of that.  I was touched by his remorse and touched by his sacrifice (a dollar is a BIG deal to a five year old after all), and I realized he could probably teach me a thing or two about having a truly contrite heart.

My little man has not received Christ yet.  His older brother made that decision at five and I am hopeful Blake will come along soon.  Until then I am prayerful that I will nurture him and guide him toward his Savior.  And in that little glimpse I got of Blake's heart today, I felt like God was whispering in my ear..."the soil of his little heart is fertile and I am preparing it to receive me everyday."

As much as my boys' whining and defiance nerves me, I have to be thankful for the teachable moments that always follow.  Especially when I am the one learning something...   

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