Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To car flag or not to car flag...

I am in love with Texas Tech football this year! This has been the best season to be a fan by far...and no, I am not a fair weather fan. I have been watching the red raiders since I was five; sitting in the section that used to be known as the "grass seats" with my older siblings. I could digress about said grass they made your bottom feel wet; how there was always a set of crazy boys that would start at the top and log roll down the hill, knocking everyone sitting below them down like bowling pins...but I won't.

Anyway, my love has prompted me to place a Red Raider car flag in my window. As I zip down Indiana Avenue with my flag proudly flapping in the Lubbock wind, I find myself wondering if I should be embarrassed... Do I look special needs? Do I look like a fanatic? Do I look like a car that holds some kind of diplomat from an Arab nation? Or worse yet, do I look like a senior citizen???

The last question may be the most likely scenario. I have a Buick Rendezvous. It is a sweet ride that I adore. I wanted one back when Tiger did the commercials for them. But what I have discovered since I became a Rendezvous-er is that every other Rendezvous-er is 65 or older. IF you don't believe me just keep your eyes peeled. The seniors LOVE these vehicles. Possibly even more than me. And if you live in Lubbock or maybe just West Texas, you will many a car flag on many a Rendezvous.

So the question for me is: to car flag or not to car flag?

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Tales from the Crib said...

Too funny about the grass seats! Cute blog, thanks for sharing. Welcome to my addiction ;-)