Friday, August 5, 2011

What Happens When You Are Too Busy

I have discovered when you are very busy, you finally take a breath and look up, and lots of things have seemingly just magically happened...

When you've been too busy for your own good, you look up and:

Your child has gone from a youth Medium to a youth Large. Therefore it would seem as he sports his current wardrobe, that he prefers "the midriff top."

Your car has become a POD and no longer has room for people in it.

That chipped toenail polish in no longer just chipped, but now looks like tiny swatches of splatter paint.

You have several "samples" in your home that could be the basis for your child's science fair project.

And speaking of the homefront, you can no longer just dust the furniture. Something along the lines of a chisel is now required.

Your DVR, that you thought had a capacity you would never meet, is at 99% full, thereby inducing panic..."Which shows will it decide to delete first? Should I pull an all-nighter to get caught up???"

and finally you look up and...

Find that somehow fruit snacks now routinely constitutes a fruit/vegetable serving, prompting you to consider dragging your tired self to Market Street. Hmm, how much WOULD a personal shopper cost?

I have no complaints. Life is so fun right now, but we are probably a tad too busy for our own good. So my question is, can anyone relate?