Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shoulder to Shoulder

Mother's Day is a double edged sword for me.

On one hand I LOVE it, because I am blessed to be a mom to 2 amazing little guys. But on the other hand, even though my own mother has been gone for 24 years, her absence still kicks me in the gut as if it were a fresh loss. I assume it always will, and I guess if I am being honest, I want it too. I don't ever want to forget what she meant to me. I don't ever want to get comfortable with her NOT being around for the things she should be around for.

This Mother's Day, I've gotten to relish my boys' special presents (many home made, which are the best ever right?) and their love, and their big brown and green eyes shining in adoration of me. The day could end right this minute and my cup already runneth over. But God has brought to mind something else that warms my already full heart.

I find myself thinking about my many friends who I mother shoulder to shoulder with. We all couldn't be more different. We have different approaches, different ways of influencing and disciplining. We "keep house" in our own ways and "our leashes" on our kiddos are all varying lengths. But the thing we have in common, the one thing that bonds us without question, is our love for our children. Our understanding that these kids are ours on loan from the Maker. Our grasp of the honor and responsibility we have been bestowed with.

As my friend Lindsay always says, "Having a child is like seeing your heart walk around outside your body." She is exactly right and that is the only way to really say what it feels like. And because we all know that--we get it--there is an extraordinary kinship between us as mothers.

So Happy Mother's Day to you, my friends (and sisters). What you do matters. I am glad we get it together. I love you much!