Friday, April 1, 2011

What Sets Your Pace?

Sometimes when I workout, I put my laptop on the treadmill, pull up and catch up on favorite shows I've missed. Just recently, other workouts involve a spin bike and an iPod playlist.
Working out is working out, and it's all good for the body in my opinion. But I have noticed how much harder I work when I let an upbeat playlist...a playlist specifically designed to motivate, set my workout pace. Watching shows definitely keeps me going and even distracts me from thinking about how many minutes are left. Yet, there is an intensity and intentionality missing when "Survivor" or "Parenthood" is the soundtrack to my exercise.

Isn't life a lot the same? I can go for long stretches of time, letting the world around me...messages from media and other people...set my pace. I find myself sort of drifting through each day, marveling that it is over and I didn't even REALLY notice many of the moments. The pace of this world can get you through a day alright, but is it REALLY living? Scariest part...the pace of this world is frighteningly easy to get carried into.

When all along, there is the voice of my Maker, with a perfect cadence, whispering a different rhythm for me to set my life to. His pace is intentional. His pace is purposeful. His pace is ideal. Sometimes quick, sometimes slow, sometimes completely still. But always just right for His child.