Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What I'm Thinking Lately...

I've been feeling awkward in my texting abilities. When do you end a text-versation? I never know when and I either make it awkward with one too many replies, or awkward because I didn't put in that one last reply.

I've understood, first hand, how hard it is to actually let your child do their own science fair project. "Mindy, step away from the show board."

I've decided I am so much better with a routine. As much as I love holidays, they throw me off and I'm usually ready for them to be over by the time they actually are.

I have marveled at how much trash our little family of 4 produces. It is mind boggling and gross and embarrassing.

I have laughed at how much I enjoy watching cooking shows, yet I HATE actually cooking.

I have pondered what it would have been like to have Facebook during the time I was a stay at home mom with my young kiddos. Would I have held the baby as I typed? Would his first word have been Facebook? Would I have paid a bit of attention to my kids, rather preferring to tend to my Farmville?

I think it's funny that when I get a J. Crew catalog I actually believe that THIS ONE TIME there might be something in it I can afford. Still waiting by the way...


I hate it when I am embarrassed for someone else (I call it being Secondhand Embarrassed). Yet several shows I watch on a regular basis set me up to be exactly that.

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