Saturday, October 9, 2010

Song Crush #20

Hanging On by Britt Nicole

Not only does this song have the upbeat catchiness that I love (sort of Francesca Batistelli's "Free to be Me"-ish), it's lyrics, though simple, are spot on.

you see my anxious heart
you see what i am feeling
and when i fall apart
you are there to hold me

I love this, because my God DOES know me inside and out, and even when I chose to pretend I'm fine, or when I put on my finest "Sunday best mask," I'm not fooling Him.

But maybe the best part of the song...

this: Your voice is my healing

And it is. Both His gentle whisper that I hear in my gut and my soul. And His voice that I find in the Scripture that is alive and well, and miraculously accessible.

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