Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogs, Web Sites and such that I Dig Right Now

I adore my computer (Cali) and I love nothing more than to find true gems on the internet that make my life easier, more fun or richer...

Check these out if you feel the same:
YouVersion is an online Bible, and SO much more. There is an app so you can get it on your smart phone too. My fav thing about YouVerison is the parallel Bible feature. You can pull up Scripture and look at it in two versions side by side (for me it's always NIV and The Message).

I love taking pictures though I am NOT awesome at it and I don't have a fancy camera. What I do have is (the poor man's Photoshop), and thus I can edit my photos in the coolest ways. Basic picnik is free. The upgrade (which I suggest) is only about $30/year. With this comes editing tools, text features, borders, collages, and tons of different photo effects. They even offer seasonal at Halloween you can turn yourself into a ghoul. Fun, right?

Using picnik, I made this from a simple picture of a cross. It took like 10 minutes. Believe me, it's Mindy fool-proof.

This is a blog from a guy named Carlos Whitaker. He's a musician, creative visionary, tattoo enthusiast, adoption advocate and all around cool guy. I adore his authenticity as a believer and find his posts to be funny, compelling and thought-provoking. He has the "right touch" as a blogger, not making them too long, and balancing out his offerings btwn seriousness and levity. I get his posts sent to my inbox and I make time to read them, knowing I won't be disappointed.


this is a new blog written by a friend of mine (since 1st grade). She has a passion for nutrition, but she does not come off Nazi-esque with her views, but rather well-informed. She includes recipes and lot of helpful information about the "whys" of nutrition, and focuses a lot on how to feed our kiddos well.

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