Sunday, September 6, 2009

in their element

We got our family pictures made this Friday.  A local photog, and church friend of ours, took the pics.  She's one of these insanely talented people...a like-able/tangible version of Martha Stewart.  The kind of gal who can do just about anything, except maybe welding, which very well may be her next endeavor.  Yet, of all her talents, I think photography is probably her "sweet spot."  You can just tell when she's behind the lens, something special is happening.  And what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall of her be able to view the world through her artistic mind.  Laura is in her element with a lens to her eye and a world beckoning to be captured at just the right moment in just the right way.

So then the next day, our little family embarked on a long awaited moment...our first Texas Tech tailgate ever.  This is something that has been in the making for awhile.  An idea of my hubs, that he approached me with several months ago...So, what would you think about getting a tailgate spot for the Tech home games?  Of course, the first thing practical Mindy thought about when said tailgate was mentioned, was dollar signs and the sands of the hour glass slipping through my fingers.  Yet, there was so much more to Mark's request, and I knew it.  You see, my hubs is a social creature who thrives around people.  He loves entertaining.  He loves hosting.  He loves doing life side by side with other folks.  This dream tailgate of his, was his chance to dig in and love on people.  A chance to make a day special and to "mark the moment."  So yesterday as we cooked, and laughed and soaked in the energy around campus, I watched my sweet Mark, completely in his element.   It was beautiful to me.  And worth every penny, as well the loss of my time (which I can hoard so ferociously.)

I find that there is something completely significant about seeing someone in their element.  It's like I'm getting an all-access sneak peak of how God wired that person; how he made them and hand-crafted them.  He gave Laura her keen and perceptive eye.  He gave Mark his love of people, and desire to include and put at ease.  So even if taking photos or hosting a pre-game tailgate aren't inherently spiritual pursuits, per say, God was present in each.  Of this much I am sure.


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SimplyJenn said...

Funny- I know exactly how you feel because I have this friend who is also great at a lot of things but then she started writing and it was obvious that this was her in her element. She has an AMAZING blog and it's so obvious it's life giving to her as well as a blessing to us. I would tell you who she is but she hates drawing attention to herself.