Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big (short-lived) Dreams

If you read this blog, PLEASE comment on this one.  It will be fun, I promise.

One of my fav things to do is reminisce about times past.  I saw a movie preview the other day for the remake of Fame (can I just say "wow") and it gave me a chance to do just that...

I was a HUGE Fame buff as a kid.  Loved the movie, and then the TV show.  I was set and determined (I REALLY believed I could) to attend the School for the Performing Arts in NY and hang with Coco and Leroy every day...even though I had NO SKILL, ART, or TALENT to speak of.

Then came my Space Camp phase.  The movie rocked my world, and my little heart dreamt of attending the actual camp with Leah Thompson and the gang, and becoming an astronaut; even though the closest I came to ever being interested in such things was my "Meterology Phase" (with my buddy Kyle) circa 1982 (which consisted of checking out books from the library and looking at clouds A LOT).

Enter Mary Lou Retton.  She was my hero, and I'm sure many of you can say the same.  I made my own "balance beam" that consisted of a piece of tape on the floor and "trained" to become the next great American gymnast, even though I was terrified of heights and of being upside down.

So the question is...what did you dream of being as a kid and what inspired those dreams???  (like I said, I am begging for your participation)


Brandy White said...

I dreamed of becoming a member of the group ABBA. : )

Kim S. said...

I wanted to BE Amy Grant. Before you gasp, this was in her EARLY years...early 80s. She was AMAZING and I truly thought she hung the moon. She was a Christian, successful singer/songwriter and married to a hottie. What can there be that's better than that? The highest compliments I EVER recieved were those that consisted of anything comparing me to Amy Grant. I remained in awe of her for quite a while...where did that dream go??

Ali said...
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Ali said...

OK - this took some "musing", but here goes:
First, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls. I wanted to live on the prairie, be called "Half Pint", triumph over Nellie Olsen, EVERYTHING. But, I probably would have been ok without my sister going blind...

Next, I wanted to marry the blonde firefighter from some late '70s show called "Emergency!" (my sis was gonna marry the brown haired one). Then, I was given my very first cassette tape - The Bee Gees. I dumped the firefighter and was going to be Mrs. Andy Gibb (my sis was gonna be Mrs. Barry Manilow).

Then, after watching Grease & Xanadu a few million times and getting the "Physical" record, I decided I didn't need a man and I would just be Olivia Newton John - complete with workout headband and legwarmers. But I would only wear those when I wasn't busy dancing with John Travolta or being a roller skating muse.

Oh, yeah. And somewhere in there we became totally obsessed with Daisy Duke. We pulled our t-shirts (or dresses - we weren't particular) up and through the neck holes and jumped through any car window that was rolled down.

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Min!

Amy Anderson said...

I wanted to be Annie (not the orphan--the Broadway singer). I felt certain that my "The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow" rendition was unmatched. I'm almost certain it moved my mother to tears. And not in a good way.

Mary Lou Retton-TOTALLY with you! 1984. Man that was a long time ago.

Chris Evert- I thought she was so cute. She is the reason I picked up a racquet. Though CHS tennis team was as far as I made it, I felt I always brought my best cuteness to the court. And really, isn't that what tennis is all about? ;)

Now I just want to be Gwyneth Paltrow. For NO other reason than she is married to Chris Martin...but I've already told you about my obsession with him. Don't worry, Ty knows...and he feels fairly secure that I'm only halfway serious.

Fun post, Mindy!!

Anonymous said...

Let's see . . . I have a hard time pinning down just a few dreams because I am a dreamer.
First I wanted to be any/every dancer I saw on TV or in movies, but with super powers. ;)
Then I wanted to dance AND sing and knew I could do it because the kids in FAME did - LOL.
Now - I just dream about being a good mom and having my kids love me and for them to not be sassy when their teenagers and for them to love God and be kind and find great spouses . . .
See, it's an endless list.
OK - I have too many passwords I have to remember.
It's Lisa - LT

Tales from the Crib said...

I wanted to be a scientist - until we had to dissect a cow's eye at Kaleidoscope camp. Dream over. I wanted to be Sandy from Grease - that was before I realized there was a difference between reality and the magic of the theatre. ha! But I daydreamed often about what happened after Danny and Sandy rode off into the sunset. I wanted to be an iceskater - never mind that there was no ice rink in Lubbock Texas or the fact that I had never even been on or near an ice-skating rink. I just knew, given the opportunity, I would be skating to "Ice Castles" theme song like an Olympian. I wanted to be a serious stage actress (no Hollywood dreams for me) and I practiced my Tony award speech often between the ages of 10-21.

Now the dreams are different, as Lisa says. I want to be a good mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend. I want my children to be happy and healthy and have BIG dreams of their own to pursue. I want to be able to grow my photography business so that my children know that besides being their mom, the greatest job in the world, it is also ok for me to have passions and dreams of my own to pursue.

Anonymous said...


KT said...

Don't make fun of me, but-------

......all that I have ever *wanted* to be is a MOMMY.

I think back to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college --- and, my only real dream was to be a mother.

I wanted to be the kind of mom that *I* have --- the kind who knows your friends, knows your teachers, makes your lunches, curls your hair, sells Girl Scout Cookies door-to-door with you, makes awesome grilled cheese sandwiches and blueberry pancakes, and who brings you Jello Juice when you're sicky. The kind of mommy who runs after the kids who knocked down your snowman (and stole the hat), and the kind of mommy who makes your birthday parties *extra-special*. The kind of mommy who makes everything so much better.

I look at my Master's Degree from Tech as a 'bonus' -- something I'll always have-----

But, more important to me than any piece of paper is the fact that I'm called MOMMY by two precious children.

And, that's all I've ever really dreamed of.