Sunday, May 3, 2009

10 Things That Make Me Smile Lately...

1. being home. I LOVED Europe but I am a homebody at heart.

2. that my sons can pack their own lunches and shower themselves. Pretty soon Mark and I will be able to parent completely from a chair. :)

3. goofing off with Melinda at the office. our latest adventure...the death of donnie darko the jackrabbit

4. knowing that (and this is a weird one for a chick anyway): 1)Star Trek, 2) Terminator and 3) Transformers are all coming out in the next couple of months. Bring on the popcorn and a big fat salty pickle and call me utterly contented

5. flip flop weather is pretty much here (this is very good news for a bunion sufferer...i know TMI)

6. my mother-in-law put in our gardens for us while we were out of town...who ever heard of anything so cool in their life?

7. i get to hang out with some high school friends this Friday (in a group of about 8-10, I've known most for at least 25 years and 2 for 32 years)! can't beat that with a stick.

8. my 11 year old nephew texting me random trivia, i.e. who holds the world record for pogo stick jumps

9. my hubby's scruff. I ADORE it, though it never lasts for long, probably because it takes him only approximately 2.3 days to grow a full beard (think Oakridge Boys "Um-Poppa-Um Poppa-Um-Poppa Mow Mow" guy). Thus he shaves it off well before he hits the "Tom Hanks Castaway" zone


10. I seriously have the coolest friends on the planet. I sit and wait for them to discover they are far to cool to be with me. The jigs not up yet...

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Adam and Casey said...

I love you, Mindy. You make me laugh. That's like gold these days. :)