Friday, April 17, 2009

Au Revoire

So my hubby left his jobs as a Tech Chemistry Lecturer/Youth Minister 8 years ago and jumped into the world of sales.  Apparently he was a natural at it and this March, after having a particularly stellar year, won the grand-daddy of Awards Trips.  Which is why he and I will be boarding a plane Sunday morning (me gripping my bags with white knuckles and armed with Ambien to handle the "over the big body of water" portion of the trip) to head to Barcelona and Paris.  It's the trip of a lifetime, and as proud as I am of my hubs for winning it, I find myself embarrassed to tell people about it.  The economy stinks, times are hard and here we are heading on a super-fancy trip---it just feels creepy, funky, and weird (to borrow my friend Adam's fav descriptors).

So my goal for the trip (besides eating alot, sleeping a lot and looking at a bunch of cool stuff) is to really receive this trip as an uber-blessing; a gift.  To see this trip as a perfect picture of what God's grace, an unmerited gift, looks like.  To suck the life out of something I don't need and don't deserve, but will never forget...

So I am officially signing off of my blog-a-liciouness until I get back.  Surely after I've visited the mecca of all things cultural and artistic, I will have some major blog-worthy material.  Who knows, maybe I'll even hop on the ol MacBook and blog a bit while I'm there.  Or not, since I'll be busy stuffing my face with croissants and adjusting my new beret to look just so.

Au Revoire ;)

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Tales from the Crib said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip Mindy. He earned the trip, so you should definitely enjoy it for all it is. And you are a supporting, loving wife and mother, so you've earned it too! I didn't know you were going to Barcelona, too - what a wonderful beautiful city. The architecture is gorgeous, and though it is too late now, I wish I could tell you to make sure to check out the market there - it is amazing. Hope you have/had a fantastic trip, the journey of a lifetime!