Monday, March 23, 2009

Where Are You John Hughes?

I came across an article about Molly Ringwald and how she's "back," and at the bottom of the article was a little side box about the writer/director of many of her movies in the 80's, John Hughes...otherwise known as the "author of my adolescence."  Well not really, but his movies had A LOT to do with my worldview, not to mention daydreams (can I admit that I waited for my own personal Jake Ryan for several years, and I finally got him at the age of 25?), at the time. 

Who can forget, "Happy Birthday, Samantha."  or  "Bueller, Bueller?" or Watts with her drum sticks ever in her back pocket, or Duckie lip synching Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" in the record store, or Judd Nelson's rebellious perfection as John Bender?  Oh I could go on.  Probably all night.  Because I CANNOT think of being a teenager without also thinking of (at least subconsciously) these line, scenes, characters and images.

John Hughes films were funny, had beautiful young actors in them brimming with raw talent, and had impeccable story lines WE ALL could connect with.  And I think that's why I loved his movies so.  I WAS Andi in Pretty in Pink.  I WAS Samantha in Sixteen Candles.  Ferris WAS a guy I knew in my school and "a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal" were all kids I passed in the halls everyday.

I can boldly say the teenage movies made today pale in comparison to the true master of the genre.  Thank you, John Hughes, for putting words and iconic images to the turbulent life stage called adolescence and the crazy experience known as growing up.  It wouldn't have been half as fun without you...

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