Friday, March 13, 2009

Girly Girl Moment #1

I am a lover of all things makeup.  I think makeup products are fun in the same way my husband thinks golf and xBox are fun.  Or how some women think shopping is fun.  So I have decided to include in my blog a regular feature in which I talk about some of my favorite make-up and girly-girl things...  Hey it's absolutely possible that not one soul will read these posts, but it's still fun to me, so I'm going with it! 
Girly Girl Moment #1

I LOVE Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion.  Here's why...your shadow really does stay on all day (barring a bout of "ugly crying" that case, nothing is gonna keep your makeup on, but in my experience, when "ugly crying" you simply don't care about makeup).  

I have used this product for 2 years and have found that in the long run it saves me money.  It transforms my cheap eyeshadow into a long lasting higher end version.  I've used other primers only to find them cakey and weird.  Primer Potion is smooth and for lack of a better word, it really is potion-esque.

I get mine at Ulta (where sometimes you can find a 2 pack at a better rate), and sells it too.


lfhcreative said...

I like the new blog style, and I had no idea such a girly thing existed. Thanks for enlightening me.

KT said...

I'm going to try it!!!! -Katie