Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Things Awesomeness


These are my basic physical needs in life.  I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said I would put music above the first three IF the first three weren't required to live.  I heart music.  I totally heart music and really always have.  It is always playing in my home, always playing where I work and always playing in my car, not to mention in my head.

And because music is all things awesomeness to me, in my estimation the iPod is the greatest invention EVER.  What did we do without it???

I'll tell you...
My first exposure to music came in the form of 8 Track tapes.  Large, cumbersome 8 track tapes.  I must agree with my friend who once said if you wanted to carry your 8 track collection around with you, you had to rent a small UHaul trailer and hitch it to the back of your Cutlass Supreme.  So true, so sad.  I remember the glove box of my mom's car totally maxed out by three, seriously three 8 tracks (one of which was always Dion Warwick).

Then along came cassette tapes.  A bit smaller and a bit handier.  Yet to tote your collection around required the use of a Deal or No Deal briefcase.  Downside of cassettes...the whole rewinding process.  I would invariably fall in love with a certain song and spent 65% of my "listening time" actually pressing rewind and attempting to guess when in the heck to press stop so I could listen to my fav song again (and again).

Finally CD's came on the scene.  My dad had a fancy player where you could load several CDs at a time and play them on shuffle.  I was AMAZED at it and loved to listen to it despite the fact that dad only played Yanni (ick!).  Then and (now really) I carried CD's around almost reverentially, terrified of scratching them.  I would put my index finger in the center hole and carry them ever so gingerly (feeling oddly like a Harlem Globetrotter).  

And now we are in the age of the iPod and downloads and I am like a kid in a candy store.  I did a not so hostile takeover of my husband's Nano and it (like my Macbook) is almost like another one of my children.  So now in all my musical bliss, I have to wonder...what will come along in another 5 or 10 years that will make us all scoff at the size and inconvenience of the iPod???

perish the thought!

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