Tuesday, December 9, 2008

why, why, why?!?

We listened to Christmas tunes at work today. It was quite enjoyable and I'm sure the patients coming out of anesthesia appreciated waking up to such a pleasant sound.

All of them, EXCEPT the ones who happened to be there for a song from a holiday mix by "Oops I Did it Again" herself. Mind you, I don't mind Britney...her music is always good for working out or dancing. I even had a heart for the poor girl during her downward spiral when she got a hold of some clippers and pulled her "Kojack" moment.

But why, oh why must she sing a Christmas carol using her signature nasal/guttural voice that almost sounds like a synthesized robot??? Does she not know that this sound is NOT appropriate for all types of music? Please tell me she doesn't use it to sing Jaden and Sean Preston to sleep at nap time?

Christmas carols are supposed to be light and airy, I don't know...joyful even. They are not to be sung in a manner that brings to mind mental pictures of large yellow snakes wrapped around one's neck, or tight leather midriff baring jumpsuits.

Please Britney, get a clue, and if you can't, at least give us a silent night...